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Feeling Faint with Dream-like Sensations - Slipped Disc Symptom

Whilst some slipped disc symptoms are related to pain, and others are related to pinched nerves - mix the two together, and you're in a 'world of strangeness'! For this is where, you will find another slipped disc symptom 'feeling faint and light headed' - which goes hand-in-hand with 'dream like sensations' (as though 'everything is a dream'). Whilst it may feel 'chemically similar' to Deja vu, it is also 'very much different' - because it feels as though 'everything around you' is part of a dream world (with some parallels to the science fiction film 'The Matrix'). Unfortunately, this symptom 'could loom up on me, without any warning' - and there wasn't much that I could do about it, other than 'go along with it':

Slipped Disc 'Feeling Faint' - With 'dream-like' underwater and flying sensations that 'weird you out'.
Slipped Disc 'Feeling Faint' - With 'dream-like' underwater and flying sensations that 'weird you out'.

To say that it could 'unsettle me slightly' is an understatement! Whilst many of us 'will tune out' when listening/talking to others, actually feeling as though 'everything your seeing and hearing' isn't really there - does tend to spook you! Unfortunately, such feelings WERE NOT 'true day dreams' - they were instead a side effect of the slipped discs 'pushing onto' the nerves in my spine, subjecting them to pressure, whilst lowering my blood pressure (causing the faintness) and ultimately resulting in 'dream like sensations'. With my two slipped discs lower back, and one slipped disc upper neck - my spine had 'so much pressure' to cope with, that my mind's eye 'dreamed in full VIVID colour'! Unfortunately, this sensation interfered with 'every aspect' of my daily routine - as it could easily 'stop me in my tracks' when I was:

  • Getting on with my work. Writing computer code - 'what on Earth' have I typed? That's not C. That's more illegible keyboarding! Creating 3d polygon models - where's this 'window frame' connecting to, the end of a ship's sail? Oh look: I'm floating! My seats 'way down there' and I'm 'hovering above it' (trying to work!).
  • Relaxing in the evening. Watching the television - am I actually 'standing here' watching this? Because it feels more like 'I'm floating here' watching this! Playing a computer game - I know this level's really simple, but I keep 'getting lost' and struggling to think. Is that a riddle or a menu? Oh look: I'm 'hovering' in the lounge!
  • Going to tap dance class. Learning some new steps - nothing's sinking in! My steps 'are all different', these people aren't really here! I don't actually remember travelling to this class. That sounds like a distant tap?
  • Driving my car. Whilst I'd been 'out and about' at Maldon one Saturday morning 'feeling just fine' - on the 'way back' I started to feel terrible, as though 'matter itself' was just dreamy! Oh look: I'm flying! DeLorean style.

The dreamlike sensations would then 'evolve into' the BIG QUESTIONS - which would really 'weird me out':

Why are we here? How big is the universe? Is 'reality' really reality? Are 'you' you? Or is your 'soul' you? Am I floating 'inside' my body? Or is 'my body' floating inside my soul? What is it 'that we see' when we look around? Is matter really there? Or is it just imagined? Why are the planets in orbit? When will 'the aliens' really say something? This air seems 'so much thicker' than usual - it's as though I'm underwater! My head's 'floating above' my body! Hello there! Mrs Alien ...

And it was those 'big questions' that tended to 'get me down' - bordering on panicking! Granted, before my third bout of slipped discs, I could occasionally feel as though 'everything is a dream' - BUT whilst recovering in my third bout (of slipped discs), I had this 'everything is a dream' sensation SO MUCH MORE, almost every day 'for some period' (especially in the early stages of recovery). What did I do about this? I decided (most of the time) just to 'head to bed' - and try sleeping it off! At the very least, I figured this approach was 'far safer' then doing anything physical (such as attempting to operate a machine). In any case, even if you 'head to bed' you may not actually be able to sleep - as I can remember one 'really bad night' where that slipped disc in my neck was 'biting down HEAVILY' (even more than usual) and it felt as though I was 'floating above my bed'! Which leads 'naturally into' the realms of nightmares! As many of the 'dream-like sensations' that I had whilst experiencing this symptom, I regard as 'day-mares':

Dream-like sensations that have you questioning 'the strength of the connection' to your 'sense of self' - that's found within this physical world 'that we live in' and perceive as 'planet Earth'.

For I found that slipped discs 'attack that connection' and make you feel 'it's all a dream' (but ironically, not the injury!).

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